The design concept team in Clear Engineering Consultants are capable to transform all the client needs into real projects in vital sectors such as Residential and Commercial buildings, Educational and religious buildings, environmental, hospitality and entertainment. Sustainability is one of the main elements influencing every single idea created architecturally. In addition, first our architect meet with the client to understand the project needs and all the specific requirements. After collecting all the data needed, the design team will produce different diagrams to get the best outcome at the end such as site studies, road circulation, sun and shadow diagrams , and more. Our team will work together to transfer the client needs into sketches, floor plans, 3d models with the latest technology in visualizing and developing the conceptual idea into animation as well as walk-through using the latest technology in animation. In addition, the architect will meet again with the client to discuss the new proposals and work on them until they meet the client needs. Later on proceed in the detailed drawings.


In Clear Engineering, we are capable of working on a wide range of urban planning and developing services projects such as Urban design, Master planning, regional and environmental planning, site assessment and site engineering.


Our structural engineering team design high performance structures using international software's. A team of well experienced engineers, provide detailed structural drawings and specifications. In addition, the engineering team meet with the design team to ensure the project execution efficiency. Our structural engineering team is well experienced in analyzing the best model to use by working closely to the design team. local and international standards in terms of safety and serviceability.




The Mechanical Engineering team will provide a complete sustainable design solution for each project. This sustainable design will produce a healthy building avoiding the useless energy consumption. Our highly knowledgeable team will provide all the mechanical services needed starting from the basic load calculations and breakdowns up to the advanced green building compliance.

Mechanical Engineering services such as:
-Centralized chilled water, split and package HVAC systems
-Mechanical engineering services for industrial applications
-Water supply and drainage systems
-Firefighting Systems
-Smoke Controls systems


Our designers are responsible for submitting a perfect image, starting from choosing the best materials, colors, lighting and all the details needed. In Clear engineering we have worked on different projects starting from designing private villas and luxury showrooms up to five stars hotels. Our main aim is creating a beautiful eye-catching place that attracts people and comfort them.